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August 27, 2007


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    First, a heads up that whilst portfolios are sold out the 2007 art CD remains available. "Oh my, what is on this disc"? About 1,000 images ranging from when i began drawing until now, sketches, thingies from Sonic the hedgehog including layouts, etc. Every image on there includes a small description as well, which can offer up some extra information on an image if there is any available, such as 'this was originally supposed to be blah blah blah but then blah blah happened so blah' etc. "How much is it"? 20 USD plus shipping. Fairly straight forward. Note me or email me if interested.

  Next; descriptions! I know you're not reading them. Your comments tell the tale so no lying. When I post previews and it says "no details now" and then you ask for details now this is silly. Stop being silly.  When it says what program was used to colour an image and then you ask waht program was used to colour said image it makes me think for a short moment I am trapped in an apartment room where my typed information cannot escape. Eventually I will recieve red notes telling me terrible things and have to check if my neighbor is being sacrificed. I kjnow this isn't the case so stop trying to fool me. Y'know what the bitch of it is? Those who would need to read descriptions AREN'T GOING TO READ THIS EITHER. So fuck 'em.

    Next: I was TAGGED, YEAH!!!!!! That whole 8 random facts thing. Yknow what though? i'll do it. I'm breaking your rules, though, so better come get me. Yeah. I'm ready for ya. I'm not gonna post the rules here and I am not tagging anyone. if they want to share shit about themselves they can do so without prompting.      

Regardless, here be some boring facts...opinions..and such...about art!

Digital vs traditional

I had a 'discussion' once that could only really be described as me trying to discuss whilst being yelled at by an angry person and their friends about this. Some people think one is super superior over another, and that's neatoriffic, good for you. I, personally, think that either is viable. However I think it is even better when you are able to do both. i can draw, ink, and colour in traditional media on paper. That is how I started out, also. i can also draw, ink, and colour digitally. I can intermix them. i find this helps a lot and you can learn a lot from both methods. I like to use what suits me at any given time..usually this is sketching and inking on paper and colouring digitally. ok, there's info 1. Moving onnnnn


I used to dislike the warm side of colour for the longest time. I still really love cool colours but have found a nice appreciation for warm colour. Along with heavy sat and muted palettes, etc. Variance is always fun and it only adds to what you can employ. dun dun dun, 2, moving alongggg

Detail and lack thereof

  Detail can be neato. detail for the sake of detail can be a bitch, though. I think good detail is based off the idea of how to make a simplistic image. That works on the idea of building blocks; taking basics and building onto them. I find some of the best detail comes from those who employ it because it suits something, not because it is how they define a 'great image'. We don't want random chicken scratch all over for the sake of having more lines, ya? Detail and simplicity both have their place. I like being able to employ either when the need arises. Don't worry, these are opinions, mate, no need to worry if yer all like 'fuck you, that's wrong!' Cuz it is just how I personally feel ^.-  # 3 done, MOVING ON

    Knowing how something works is great. It leads to a better understanding of the beast and then can be related to other things. Getting a good handle on fundamentals and then employing stylization can work well, I find. Everyone works this out in their own ways. i was told once that a great way to approach cartooning is to learn anatomy even if you won't use it; this is because it helps you undertsand how to give something a solid form that is 3d in your mind, and if you are to break rules it is best to know what they are in the first place. I found that fairly useful. The more you know the more you can apply what is relevant to other is basic but pretty damn solid. BOOM 4 WHOOSH~

   STYLE *stars and sparkles an such*

The ability to employ different styles is a great asset. The ability to appreciate various styles is great as well, i find. There is a lot out there and a lot to offer..and a lot of variance within each type. Anime has a large range, in actuality, along with traditional american comic stylings, etc. There is a lot to learn and appreciate from various styles even if your preference leads you away from them. Being open minded in style to at least view them reasonably can really help your own work as well. Knowing how to paint a real person or a picture of a forest can be helpful to more stylized images and the like as well. hey it's that whole more you know thing again, bleah. Let's get out of #5 and move to #6 before we fall asleep!

anthro shit

not actual turds, I mean stuff pertaining to anthro. I do a lot of anthro that I post online and people are like 'yer an anthro artist' which has truth to it, however I am not just 'an anthro artist'. I do a myriad of other subjects and the like. I started drawing people, actually. What i post tends to be what I do in my spare time or side items. My main work is mostly people, scenery, vehicles, robots, etc. I think it is very important to draw more than just one thing. Not just draw anthro. or just draw robots. or just draw pretty men.  etc. I enjoy and often draw many different subjects and things for work or for myself and I think I would be bored shitless if i just drew anthro. I like anthro stuff because it is different from a lot of what i spend my time drawing and designing ,so it is fun to do during my off time. THE MORE YA KNOW (that's 6, let's see what 7 has to say)


   I don't really get involved in communities. "oh man yer so full of shit, why are you on DA then huh"? Being on DA does not denote involvement in a community. posting some lines of text and some pictures is not community involvement to me. I am talking about posting on forums regularly, getting involved, circle of friends type shit. It never works out for me. I find that I really love to focus on the work and a lot of people want to just talk about working but don't actually work. I have found (for me) communities with heavy involvement waste time away and get less done. So I do my best to stay fairly uninvolved. I am quite happy to be off doing my own thing, I recommend trying it! Alright, one more boring blah blah to go.


Last thing here is I love art, man, seriously. never know how it comes across but I love it. You know those damned image macros where the guy/kid/etc is making an intense face and it says I FUCKING LOVE COLOURING/DRAWING? That's how I feel inside. I can be pretty unhappy and pretty damned happy but I am happiest when I am working on my stuff and really into it. Someone told me to not go into a job doing what I love because it would kill it. Bullshit. Maybe he chased money too much and ended up with a good paycheck doing something in the line of what he liked over and over and that killed it for him. But I love doing art. I do it for a living. I do it for fun. i finish doing company work and then I go "what should I do? oh man I wanna draw!" and I go right back to work. What ever you do- writing, artwork, music, etc..i hope you feel that love for it and never fucking lose it. Ever.

These are opinions/things I find to be true. You wanna argue about them then I warn you- I won't care. Just sharing some mind.

  Man, that's a ton of text. No time for spellcheck, I'm out of here. Cheers~


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PhantasmaStriker Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2007
Those are some great words of wisdom I might add. Mind if I make a copy of your journal on my HD for reference? Anyways, what you said in your journal is true from drawing different things not just focusing on one subject and be more diverse to usage of colors using both traditional methods combined with digital to be equal on both plains and ect.

Heh, I feel the same inside on what you said in the ART section. For that's the most it's when I'm happy putting my thought onto paper or any other things I can get my ideas onto just to get the finished product. Then again I feel as though I'm wasting my time drawing something that is not useful to me...everyone that I encounter say I should take up a career in art for I have the skills to, but then again I just shrug it off. I'm full of doubt...I dont know what I'm doing in life, is it just to make money to make ends meet or being happy doing what I do best, that is what goes though my mind for I'm full of doubt or maybe because I'm scared to try something new...

Anyways, I'm glad to have met an artist like you on DA, your work is very good and top notch.
tysonhesse Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
iluvujay :<
lazarusmumble Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2007
If I ever went into an artistic career, it'd have to give me room to doodle around. I can't stand being told exactly what to draw. Just a vague idea...
true-pain Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2007
Yo Joe!
Tazi-san Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Right on!

I can see myself doing it as a career as well. Though four years of art school is running me ragged, I can't wait to get out and do my own stuff.
dragondater Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2007
all writy then i am puting this in your most resent journal becuse well i dont rilly no. anyways my freand Transryu is helping his freand get more peaple for his "BATTAL OF THE CARICTARS" contest and he wanted me to help him get. i dont even no if you have a mane carictar but you could just enter one of your other caricturs that you made. well here is the link to it [link] you should atlest check it out in your free time well when you have the time get back to me on this :)
MrEdison Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2007
Much I can learn here. Community part = fav. I'm learning how to not spend so much time chatting and shit. Doin' pretty good too. S'not like I get anything outta it. :/
Tex777 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2007
Thanks for sharing some insight. It's almost too bad that most of people on the internet don't really accept any opionions except those that agree with their own.

Hey, if you get payed to do what you love, why not?
Inuibuki Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2007
I completely agree with you on all of this. ESPECIALLY the part about art. I FUCKING LOVE ART! It's what I've always done and I will continue to do it. I'm trying to add some variety to my gallery and grow a bit more though, anatomy has been my worst enemy. >_< I've been trying to conquer it for a long while now and i still can't seem to get it right. ^^;

Wow i just love this, you really made a lot of good points I agree with. :)
DSVega Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2007
Its refreshing to see a good, balanced view of the whole base of artwork. Personally, the only regret im having right now is 'not' drawing when I should be.

I can remember I was happiest before I attended my first art college, only to have my portfolio slammed with a terrible mark of 23/100. Looking back I accept that I wasn't ready to dive headfirst into a traditional animation program after only 8 months of drawing. Still, that sting of failure has haunted me every time I've picked up the pencil. The idea i'm still grasping "to fail is to learn, to learn is to succeed and to succeed is to learn more" but it's still daunting.

I can say that after reading this journal I can at least see the light at the end of the tunnel a little clearer than before. Instead of regretting and constantly worring about what others think, I shouldn't care what someone else 'thinks' is real art and pick up the damned pencil. Just have to keep at it and tame the beast.

Ofcourse, once I can ignore people calling my anthro work 'furry' Ill be in the clear :paranoid:

By the way, is that artwork CD the same one I bought 5 months back or is this the same CD that came out with the Leigh Portfolio?
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