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July 24, 2008


Alright, so on the 1st I got back from Pittsburgh and the Anthrocon. I have been busy since then, but some people wanted to know what I did there. Just like last year, I can tell you- I did a whole lot of not much. I am not a huge con person and I don't like Pittsburgh, haha.

    First off the portfolios is pretty much gone. I printed extras this year and they sold anyway. I have like 2 left that I had as print spares at home. If you want them then note me, first come first serve on those things. Thanks goes out to all those who did pick one up, or anything else i was peddling, I appreciate it and I hope yer happy with it. I HOPE YER HAPPY

    This year I went in a couple days early so I wouldn't have to dive head first into a convention of people demanding attention. I stayed with my friend Kiefer and Artie doing his impression of the Toasty guy from Mortal Kombat. The room was air conditioned so I spent a lot of time hanging out there instead of in muggy stinky Pittsburgh, where the favourite pass-time of pedestrians is to stand by the street and look surly. seems like half the people there have nothing to do, it's creepy. If they actually do get paid to just stand there being useless then hey- I apologize. Come sales day we leisureley set up the table. Matt Burtt aka Gunmouth and Kami were to my left and Tailsrulz was to my right. Across from me was Lizard Beth who looked a lot like Matt Burt and to the left, right across from me, was Eric Schwartz. Her got closer every year. A good time for me to stop going, aughhhh.

Sales room was fun. Really, it is the only thing I do at the con since I don't go to panels or anything since it doesn't interest me. So I kicked back during sales hours and didn't push too hard. There WAS a spy creepin' around there, followed closely by a pyro. The pyro was doing poorly with spy checks. He had a decent looking flamethrower but they took it away from him saying someone might hurt themselves on it. I wouldn't have been surprised. So he had his balls cut off, poor bastard.

    Also there was my best friend ever Jay naylor. As you can see we are close friends. I met up with Blackrabbit and Fossil. Fossil had his speakers and was rocking to music the entire time sales was open and I regretting not killing him and stealing them for my own. I really should have brought some music, but it was good nontheless. My buddy SolidAsp was there with his best friends the fursuiters. If you went you may have seen Asp..or maybe you didn't because he was half dead the whole time cuz he was sick. Luckily he's better now.

   The elevators were packed as usual, so I took the stairs a lot. To the 17th floor. Haha. Plus the Yankees were there at one point so it clogged shit up even more. Stairwell as usual was fairly clear. I love you fuckheads who take the elevator for one fucking floor, by the way, that's classy.

    The zoo or meeting area was full of people, so I only spent a little time there since it was so noisy. Met up with Skifi and Seel briefly, and Matt was happy to meet Skifi also. I really didn't take too many pictures. Mostly hung in the room with a variation of these thugs (kiefer, Mav, kami, Matt, and ME) and these thugs from Angry Viking Press (Jaleel, Gnaw, Kiefer, Canty, Max, and ME).

  Though the photos make it seem uneventful, I actually had a lot of fun...but when having fun I tend not to take out my camera. It was a solid con and a good one to exit on. For those I met there, was great meeting you. For those I didn't..was great not meeting you. For those who are like "whyyyy is it your last connn what's wroonnnnggggg?!" the answer is nothing is wrong. I went for four years and now i am tired of it, haha. I want to vacation elsewhere, and I already don't care too much for cons.

   Also, you crazy punks who want to interview me- It's simple. just email or note me. You don't have to schedule it with my ' people' because I don't have any ' people'. It's just me. I don't get why you want to interview me anyway, I give straight boring answers. Seriously.

   Okay, you kids have fun. Worktime. Cheers~

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tailsrulz Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2008
oh lol, I totally forgot to check if you put that picture up and you did, awesome.
[link] <-- my side
Jussiah Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2008
I saw you there, but, I was like, I'm just another d00d. I also felt awkward being there, surrounded by weirdos. Weird experience.
JayAxer Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2008
You think i wasn't feeling weird being surrounded by weirdos as well? haha
Jussiah Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2008
Naw bro. Haha.
Nightweaver20XX Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2008
Man, looking at those pics brings back some messed up memories of mine from the two Anthrocons I went to back in '98 and '99. I willfully stopped going after 1999 because people thought I was weird, or didn't talk to me, or wanted to kill me. Plus I wasn't (still aren't) a real artist, so nobody really gave a shit what I had to say.

I salute you for even having the bravery to go to these cons, as uncomfortable as they make you. Believe me I know exactly how that is. It feels weird and extremely awkward, especially trying to find one of your favorite artists in the dealer room. And then walking up to their table and trying to not sound like a stalker or retarded introducing yourself, when all you want to scream is "OMG your art is so cool! Draw me something!"

Pittsburgh has a lot of idle people, you're right. Because they used to be a steel town, which it isn't now, so everybody is out of work. It has a lot of crime and desolation, very sad.

It was great to see in your pics what some of my fave artists look like. I've seen a few blurry photos of Matt before, but never a clear photo of you, or BR, or Tails.
JayAxer Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2008
Dont worry, when you are a good artist nobody cares what you say also. At that con you have to be a general porn artist to be listened to, mate.
JasonCanty Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
.... I don't remember that photo being made of me with you guys.

Good lord I need sleep.
Omar-Dogan Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2008  Professional General Artist
Matt's sideburns are a definite crowd pleaser.

I would have attended just for them.
JayAxer Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2008
Believe it or not he's a lot calmer and down to earth than he used to be.
MoreSobaPlease Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2008
I'm glad you had a good time!

Disappointed that you won't be there for the foreseeable future, but hopefully I'll run into you somewhere else before too long. Remember, I know where you live...

Okay, not really.

Seeya! :)
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