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This month has already been busy as sin. Just going to approach a couple of things that were brough up, they may have been covered before doesn't matter as I am covering them again anyhow:

Regarding posting of work here; I only post a small portion of what I draw. Most of what I draw is company work and such, and cannot be posted. Outside of company work, I also have other work that I simply will not post for various reasons (those being they have to do with upcoming projects, stuff like that). So when I have a long drought here, it is actually due to heavy activity as opposed to lack of activity, so please respect that. In addition please respect what I choose to draw, as I like to exercise my right to draw whatever the hell I feel like as opposed to what everyone feels I should draw or whatever will be received as popular. It's for enjoyment, after all ^^

Regarding conventions; as of now there is only one convention I am going to yealry, and that is Anthrocon. Mainly for convenience as I am used to sales there and it gives me opportunity to meet up with a lot of my friends on the east coast. I am not a big con-goer so sadly I do not aim to attend many cons. This may change, but as of right now that is how it is. No biggie.

Tutorials..I have not done these and don't aim to..that may change ,but I just don't think I have much to offer. My methods tend to be simplistic and to the point. I don't have a lot of layer tricks or neat tips up my sleave, so a tutorial would be ridiculously basic and boring from me, and perhaps not very informative. I can leave tutorials to people who can do them better and have more tips to offer.

  On a different note, people are promoting artists a lot lately. Allow me to promote an artist that does work that I personally enjoy. She employs various styles and shows effort and creativity, and really just seems to be an artist that enjoys what she does:

   Give her a visit, see if her work strikes your fancy. Some examples:      :thumb33673924:  :thumb39043333:  :thumb38459125:

Hope everyone has a decent December, Holidays or not. I have some shit to deal with, but it is looking good here so far. I'm a big fan of Winter anyway.

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SetnaroXI Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2007
I respect your choices and action regarding your motives and limits to what you can post on the Deviantart site and possible your own site.

You did mention company work. Do you mind if I ask what company do you supply your art for? I'd love to see more while you take your time ;) I do remember seeing your art on the Sonic the Hedgehog comics (Which, like almost everyone I knew, first saw your art), but that's just about the only place I've seen your stuff outside the internet.
WhiteTreeFox Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2006
I can understand about the tutorials thing, but I'd love to see more sketches and WIPs from you :3 that'd be the most awesome thing in the world 83
seel-dingo Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2006
ahhhhh sorry i didn't get to properly thank you for this before X3 i wanted to wait till a time when i had enough spare time to actually sit and be able to think of something awesome to say...

well, i have the time but i don't relaly have anything awesome to say @_@;

well, thank you very much for this XD it was an awesome thing for you to do, and it really brightened my last few days (just to come to your gallery and see this, ehhehee)

and i'm psyched by the pieces you chose to feature. they are some of my personal favourites :3

:glomp: thanks again man!
JayAxer Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2006
haha. You always say you need to wait until you can think of something to say. You are never required tosay anything if you don't want to, haha.
Luckily I didn't pick ones you hate or something. I wanted to be able to show some of the diversity you put into what you do, I enjoy it.
and it's no problem~
seel-dingo Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2006
well, i don't wanna just shrug off such a nice gesture XD
but when i really wanna put some thought into a comment (deviation, journal, note, etc etc) i like to wait till i know i won't be bothered in any way :P it's not like i feel i HAVE to say something. i know :P
*needs to get to sleep*
Tonberry150 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Holidays dude
hope you get your shit taken care of on time for happiness
whatever that means
theEyeoftheMind71 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2006
busy as sin? never heard that one.
JayAxer Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2006
Sin is pretty busy, as almost everyone employs it.
theEyeoftheMind71 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2006
ahh. right.
tster Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Damn you tell it like it is without sounding like an ass.
SonicFanGuy Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2006
Wow! You're busy! And you sound like Strong Bad from! :eyepopping:
UnitedFang Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2006  Hobbyist Artist
Same shit, different day huh? How many times have you posted messages talking about your huge workload, convention interests, and no desire to make tutorials? Well, this is assuming that people actually read your words before they start sending you emo-filled notes and messages talking about what you should draw to them feel better. (remember all the BS you got after posting the Gonemic pic?) Oh well... what can you do, ya know?

(sorry if I sound a bit grumpy. I'm kinda mad at the internet community after a crappy ebay experience my brother and I had.)
no26 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
coolish man, u do whatever the hell u want and imma enjoy that! :D but I am kinda curious as to what sorts of stuff u do outside the stuff u post here, is there something out there that I should buy or something? lemme know, I would greatly support an artist of your caliber! (sp?)

cheers matey!
SorcererLance Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2006  Student Filmographer
it's understandable that you can't post ALL your artwork, copyrights and whatnot. I'd love to meet ya again at a future Anthrocon once things get less hectic for me ^^;
Ryuujin-0 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2006
There's hardly much need for tutorials - those step by step images you posted up of Leigh and the ninja girl had some very helpful colouring ideas to learn from (They a picture says a thousand words, so if you have a picture, who needs a written tutorial? ;p)

Regardless, I found those as useful as any written tutorial would have been. (Tutorials only teach you how to emulate another artist really)
Shaboomi-Barakuti Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2006
:clap: ^_~
JAXMP Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2006  Student Digital Artist
omg change your avatar!
it's too awesome!
can't stop staring at it!
i have to do... homework... noooooo.
must resist Ed's wiggly arm-ness
Shaboomi-Barakuti Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2006
:rofl: lol it is cool!!
Supadave419 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2006
I wouldent care if you made a tutorial that was boring or not.

I'd still read it.
Kunimura Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2006
Would you consider making a tutorial on how to use painter 9? Something like the basics of the program. It'd be really useful! Welll... for me anything Painter 9 related would be useful 'cause I have no clue on how to use that program.
JayAxer Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2006
i only use one brush in painter, the round camelhair brush in oils. i adjust the opacity and the feature option (that determines how many 'bristles' are in the brush. Then i paint with it. That's pretty much as much as i know about how to use painter. i liked that brush and stopped there. The rest is just practice using the program to paint.
BluestreakFUS Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well if you would make a tutorial, if nothing else, it would make us other less godlike artists gaining some hope back from the realization of that simple methods are effective aswell ;)
Ridetsu Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2006
hey man, art takes time... you're a great artist, an your great because you take your time and you are detailed in your work. No great artist brags about how long it takes him to draw, but instead brags about the quality of the drawing.
If a drawing takes months to complete and it is gorgious enough that it makes grown men cry, then thats all the better, lol. I guess what i am trying to say is that the wait is worth the result. Apologise to nobody - art is a whim, not a command. Be at peace, and know you'll always have fans who will wait years to see your work.
AmyTheSpiritSeeker Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't understand people who demand stuff (and are serious - there are joking "DRAW MORE" things, but usually one can tell those apart) of any artist. It's the artists' perrogative what to draw in their spare time. Nobody's required to post ALL their art, either.
7asoud Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My my, you're a busy guy! I hope you have a peaceful and enjoyable time this holiday. :)
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