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Streaming for a bit just to dick around.…
Streaming for a bit again…
Gonna try to do a bit of streaming right now. Heads up to those who wanna stop by-…

Who is on FA as well? THIS  GUY. By that I mean me. Not some guy named "This Guy" what a fucked up name that is. C'mon. Really.…

Check it out, add it if you want, ridicule, whatever you kids do these days.
Cool stuff comin' up in the future here. Keep an eye out.
I dunno, but shit, I seem to have an account. Lookit it in that widget above here.
Okay I think I need to clarify, especially for those who were emailing me information- I said I may take commissions again in the future, I don't know for sure..I did not say "I will be taking them soon so get ready for it". The main idea was that I didn't want people waiting around for information sent directly to them should any information be provided. The main thing to catch is that if I have an announcement to make about will probably be made here in a journal post. :|
SO! Commissions. I am not currently taking them. Will i in the future? Perhaps! But if/when I do, it will be announced here in a journal. So do not expect a personal note from me letting you know if you have requested so in the past. That is silly and unrealistic and not something I would do. Let us not be silly.
      There are some things in the works which I can speak on later, again I will announce them here, so look at that consistency!

  Beyond that, PAX went fine, things are fine, hope you are all fine.
Personally, I am looking forward to the food in Seattle. MM....i also hear there is some kind of convention in town...?

Going to PAX this year? I am!

   I will be there with Red 5 Studios, presenting Firefall. Stop by and say hello if you are around! I won't be working the booth constantly, but I will be around at certain scheduled times. I can post those when I know 'em for anyone who wants to say hey.
   BTW: 'hey' does not mean a punch in the gut. So there won't be any confusion on that point. :|
Got back from PAX Prime and the show went really well. Had al ot of fun, met a ton of people, and hopefully made a good showing for our game Firefall. It is always nice for us when we can show off more content that we have been working on.

  There was a ton of cool shit all over the show this year and I actually managed to get around as see some of it this time ,haha. Ended up going around Seattle to spend a ton of cash on really great food as well.
Hope everyone who went had a great time, and hopefully some of you were able to swing by the Firefall booth when you were there!

   Did a quick art dump..don't get much time to work on personal art anymore what with so much work at the game studio, so I tossed some stuff up here to fill the gap.
  Stay well!
Are you at PAX this year? Come see us at the Firefall booth! We have some cool stuff to show. I personally will be there Friday 11 - 2 and Saturday. 9:30 - 1:30. Stop by any time, though!
   Was at the Penny Arcade Expo and it was quite the weekend. I had a great time and thanks to those who I met up with at the Red 5 Studios booth, and triple thanks to Jim at Udon and Kris Aubin, I owe you guys big time.

     We presented our game Firefall for the first time ever and the response was extremely positive. It's truly inspirational and makes it all the more exciting to be working on. For those who haven't; check us out at! Registering on our forums also enters you into the beta pool.

I'm not much of a convention guy, but it was really a lot of comes the waiting to be able to buy all the sick games that were there. Gonna be working my ass off this year and I am really looking forward to it. Now to try to rest up a bit 'cuz I naturally caught the con crud as soon as I got back.

Going to be at PAX? Stop by the Red 5 Studios booth. I'll be there part of the time~

See you there.
So I noticed something today...when I uploaded an image and set it that fullview would be the actual image dimensions..when I would fullview DA was constricting the image down by around 10% or so, muddying the image. So I sized it down to THAT size to avoid it..and then it would constraint THAT size down a is there any way to avoid this, or is it really without reason or need forcing the view of an image down by a percentage? If so, can it be avoided?
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Apologies for the lack of updates; I have been very busy. Moved and got set up in Cali, started up with my new job in game design and have been a lot happier working here. I will try to take a few moments this weekend to put up an image or two for Udon's VENT book that I was able to take part in, and perhaps a few more images later on.
   Just a quick update to state I am alive and well and more art will be forthcoming.
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I won't be grabbing messages and such too frequently here for a little bit, I am relocating to Southern California for a job. Once I get stuff in order I will try to toss a few things up here.
  Until then!
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For those who were asking what the prize for winning the propaganda contest for Team Fortress 2 was (and do not know yet):

<img  align="center" alt="Shit tons of hats" src="">

I am totally going to sit in front of you in a movie theater with this on.

I had no input on what it would be so I was as in the dark as anyone else.
They added all 3 prizes (1st - 3rd) as regular hat drops/craftable hats as well, the regular versions just do not feature the placing ribbons on them and also have different names (mine is "J.Axer's Dapper Topper").

That is all!

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As I don't have the time to individually respond to every comment/note/etc regarding the  contest, I figured I'd make a quick entry here for it. This is regarding the propaganda contest that valve ran for team fortress 2.

  I wanted to thank everyone who said thumbs up, congratulations, etc etc etc for my entry grabbing 1st place. I appreciate it, very cool. I wanted soldier to win, and now I contributed 50,000 kills without having to play at all, hohoho. (In actuality it was even worse- I was one of those asshole medics that kept kritzkrieging soldiers).
Also, to everyone who is pissing blood over it, and thinking 'oh no the guy does furry art oh no''re spending more time thinking about it than I do. That just makes it cooler. Relax a little. Don't be so mad about shit that doesn't matter!

  So thanks again, it was fun to have a more directed reason to do a poster, and it got soldier out of the way. I'll post it up here tomorrow probably. Eventually I will paint up a scout one, and then a huntsman sniper or something to complete the set.

  P.S. I don't know specifics on the prize thingy- I haven't received an email yet.

  Keep it classy, people!
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As the title says, I'm not attending any conventions this year. People have been asking if I will be at AC like previous years, but I won't.
Other conventions may change, but it looks doubtful. Just a heads up. No real reason, I'm just not much for conventions.
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i am posting this for Angry Viking Press ( regarding getting the word out for the Enemi Catalogue. he following are Mr. Canty's words to fill you in:

"Ok so Next month is Angry Viking Press' Big debut Month. We will be in the hew "comics" Catalog by Haven ( and Enemi ( With your fan support we at Angry Viking Press can and will bring you comics from artists you know here on DA and around the net. However again it can only happen with your support.

Since the New catalog from Haven and Enemi will also debut in May, many comic shops don't know of it yet. A shop can't order what they don't know. This is where your support and help comes in. If you buy your comics in stores, go to your local comic shop and let them know about Angry Viking Press, and also let them know about Haven/Enemi. The new Catalog features a cover by Neal Adams (major artists for the 70's era style of art on Batman, Superman and Green Lantern)

In May we will have a small launch with 3 Titles focusing on Andorozon #1, Coco Gun Bun#1, and Demon Mages #1. If that luanch succeds it will be fallowed by 2nd issues of the titles just mentioned, and a Revamped Crushed #1, Speed Demonz #1, Babes of the Beach #1 (with #2 to fallow) and the long awaited return of Extintioners with Extintioners #16 in full color. Colors are being done by Sonic Artist/Colorist Matt Herms.

With your support we look to luanch in September 2 Specials with Babes of the Beach #2(Sci-Fi) Ebony Furs, as well as our core titles released in May and July.

Also in the Future we plan to release Former Sonic Artist Jeff Axer's Graphic Novel and the Return of Chisuji. With the potental for much much more down the road like Stellor Warriors, Striker Amazon, and Ronzo Murphy(Shownuff)'s Squeek and Shred and others I can not yet (but would sooo love) to mention.

So go on and help get the word out at your comic shop to order the Enemi Catalog, or make an order yourself and make yours Angry Viking Press!"