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Great Conflict by JayAxer Great Conflict by JayAxer
Done for the final testament project. Two of the characters in conflict with eachother. Went for a simplistic anime cle shade style on this one, and threw the bG into painter to give it a kind of anime look. It originally had al ot more chains ,but I got rid of them because it just lcuttered it up. left the wings simplistic to keep the anime look and to not distract too heavily. Warm colour hues on the whole thing because it's hot where they are.
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Numba-1-DOod Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2008
has a slight gayness about it, but nice piece all the same.
ricefarmer2007 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2008
this is friggin crazy.. id say it rivals lastscionz godlike cellshading skills..... u really should do more of them
Carouzel Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2007
DSil Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2007  Student General Artist
Just 30 seconds of animation this detailed would make my head explode with glee. This rules.
taow Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2007   Interface Designer
Hey, i think your anime cle shade style is great! having seen your other wonderful works, i must say this the best so far :aww:

Thanks for sharing!
WillCaligan Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2006
Wow I am glad I found your work. This stuff is amazing. I can learn a lot from you.
loser77703 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2006
This is awesome!! look at the chains!!
Silveraxe Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
great foreshortening and coloring.
Outiful Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2006  Student Digital Artist
jonatz1110 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
very nice coloring :D
xLittleWingx Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2006
Your cell shading is amazing.. I love the way you colour
SuperSpook Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2006   Interface Designer
O.... M.... G..... This is just too good!

PleasePleasePlease tell me how you coloured this >o< ( I wont tell anyone.. _ XD )
Darkest-of-Days Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2006
Wow, this looks so amazing! :wow: Your coloring style is probably one the best I've seen here on DA, I really love it. :clap: Great work! :clap:
Wainwright-Chan Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2006
puppet-soul Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2006
Wow *o*
Their face look so fantastic.I like all details ,backgrounf look amazing ,even chains(?) are great
artisticseggi Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2005
If I didn't know better, I'd say it looks very much like a real anime. You did a great job on this, the color scheme is nicely choosen and the shading is pretty awesome. The muscles look kinda odd, especially the guy's exposed 6-pack, but I'm not use to seeing/drawing muscles so that's probably why it looks weird to me.

VERY awesome I say
Gryffindor-Angel Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2005   Traditional Artist
This is so cool! The dude with no eyes just rocks my socks! His expression and his pose or position whatever you want to call it rocks too! And the face of the other man rocks too!
Jyto Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2005
must've been hard for you not to go overboard on the chains and wings. I might've been intirested to see what this picture would've turned out like without the anime colourwork and the dumbed down detail. Must respect the "warm feel" though. I havn't taken a look at your art since I bought your "Xurealism" comics, youve come a long way. you really seem to know what you're doing with colour. I'm impressed. I'll be watching you.
camila-croft Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2005
you're not normal righT?
I mean. look at the chains...gooosh you're not normal __".

:heart: perfect.
NeO2on Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2005
woooow awesome drw and the sword is really reallly really good
mojaam Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2005
Wow, amazing. The whole canvas is covered with wonderfully colored artwork. :clap:
powerply Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2005
Amazing peice as usual! Hehe, it must be so nice for you to be able to translate exacttly whats in your head onto the paper clear as day... Most people can imagine all they like fantastic scenes and amazing characters but you can put it into something tangible! Tis great...
Sacknassos Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great detail..... as always ;)
MaryBellamy Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2005  Professional General Artist
Very awesome coloring on this one. I've always loved the way you color pictures. They always come out so clean and polished looking, like something straight out of a show or something. Great work!
culdesackidz Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2005  Professional General Artist
awsome stuff you got goig there...the guy on the left reminds me of something out of warcraft but still love the picture...and nice color mood
Danny-Haymond-Jr Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Damn those chains are awesome!
Tao-of-Jing Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2005   Traditional Artist
Great detail
Your work is always impressive

virago-rs Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
hmmm... good versus bad... interesting designs ^^ and devinately a :+fav: worth ;)
Belabras Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome piece. There is so much going on in it!
bad-azz Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2005
great chains and hair man!
no26 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
totally awesome man!! lovin teh details, though I must say that the charcaters looks abit stiff, especially the dude!
silveryfox Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good god, this is very professional.
TatsujinEdge Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005
Damn this work like awesome on everything from characters to the lighting to the weapons it looks fantastic and works so well. Im likin the insane expression on that guy :lol: i feel that way sometimes too :D Damn fine work :thumbsup:
drogyn6 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005
Amazing job! Great coloring and attention to detail! ;)
Nifey Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005
The chains are simply amazing I must say. The flow they have and how they carry your eye around the two characters is fantastic and it's just wow how they fill the area. As well as the white hair/fur/fluff. Cel shading looks pretty awesome and a nice take back to the classics. Every gallery neds cell shadiung if they're well err the right kind of artist. The warm tones do bring that sense of heat and warmth the picture and your eye really rivets. Both of the characters look excellent and strong and the detailing is great. Excellent work. :3
leotheyardiechick Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
Holy crud, how long did this take to colour? :wow:
queen-diamond Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005
i dont really understand what's going on but i dig the colors and the way hands are draw...
CherryLunar Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005
I'm totally having PSO flashbacks for some reason. :XD:

I lovin' your artwork and the way it has sort of a sci-fant type look to it. :giggle:
Inspectornills Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005
hot damn! That is one sweet ass pic! Awesome job! :clap:
digitalskull Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005
This is one of my favorites from you. Incredible perspective.
RedandblackShadow Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005
nice work! By the way, do you still do cover art for the archie sonic comics? I dont see your cover art anymore and it was the best!!! I miss it!!!
JayAxer Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005
i did the inner page, not the cover- and no, they phased out the frontispiece so I no longer do that.
RedandblackShadow Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005
ahh :) No! You rocked on the frontispiece!!! Of course, you are everybody's fav fan artist :)
LightningRyu Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005
You really outdid yourself. I think you need your own anime XD Those are some awesome designs and anatomy. The perspective's really good. Yeah, it's official. You need your own anime.
dx2 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Any possible chance of seeing the original pencils/inks?
rongs1234 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005
ooo neat
CerebralFox Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005
Slick work; as many have already mentioned, I love the detail, expecially in the chain.

However, I do have one criticism; the picture just seems so busy, I have a hard time figuring out how to focus on it... it's difficult to take in all at once, and my eyes keep dancing all over the place, never being drawn to, or focusing on, any one area.

Overall, though, crazy-awesome pic.
JayAxer Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005
Yeah, in the time Idid it i wasn't able to make a real focal point. with the darker colours of the clothing and the mathching palettes also, where the 2 characters intertwine becomes confusing and a dark spot as well. I could have halo'd a little on the image to help , live and you leanr. Thanks!
dimitridimitri Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005
Very very exciting! Tons of movement and fantastic characters. There's a real vibrancy and excitement here, making for an incredibly admirable piece of work! Again, teriffic sense of movement! :D
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